Sunday, April 22, 2012

A beautiful day for yard work

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and I decided to do some work around the yard asphalt.  The gas meter garden needed attention.  Although I added compost to the soil last year, it's still sandy and not very fertile looking, and many cigarette butts had blown into the garden from the bar next door.

The flowers I planted last year are coming up, but the soil looks like it's from the Mojave Desert.

The crabapple tree's little square of earth was in much the same situation.

Dear crabapple tree, your perseverance is inspiring.

My first step was to turn the compost.  What I found was lots of uncomposted hay, and lots of semi-composted kitchen scraps.

Why oh why isn't the compost further along in its decomposition?

After clearing the cigarette butts and other detritus that had collected over the winter, I dug small holes throughout the garden, added the semi-composted kitchen scraps, and then covered them over with dirt.  They can finish their decomposition right in the soil.

In addition to the compost deposits, the crabapple tree got a layer of new dirt on top of its old dirt, because I had a half a bag of potting soil in the basement, and this soil can use all the help it can get.  Then I spread a layer of wood chips over the crabapple tree's square, plus the gas meter garden.  The wood chips make everything look nicely cared for, plus they hold in moisture and prevent dirt from blowing away.

You go, crabapple tree!

I'm excited to see how all of the plants do this summer!

The columbine is already blooming.

The one casualty I need to report is the grapevine.  I'm pretty sure it's dead.  The branches are brittle and they crack easily, down almost to the base of the grapevine, and there are no leaves or buds yet.  The grapevine planted over the entrance gate at Thomson's Garden Center is leafing out all over the place, and mine should be doing the same.  I'll give it a couple more weeks, but if it's truly dead, I'll consider this an opportunity to plant either a Concord grape (mine was a green Niagara grape), or maybe a flowering vine that will be more likely to thrive in this spot.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow, the crabapple tree makes a Charlie Brown Christmas transformation there! And the gas meter garden looks great.

  2. I am so disappointed about the grapevine. I hope it survives, but I agree it should be a little closer to the one at the garden shop. Was that the first plant you planted at The House? The rest look oh so healthy and nicely dressed up. Thanks for the update!

  3. Hiya! Been missing your updates. It's always fun to see what you're up to in your neck of the woods -- whether reclaiming asphalt or tidying a road or making something yummy. Hope all is well, and hope to see you blogging again soon!